Monday, June 12, 2017

Our First Endeavor at Transcendent Homes

Hello Friends,

This is the first post on our Journey as a collaboration to Living in Beauty.
We have endeavored to embark on spending the rest of our living days to creating Beauty, the highest expression of Spirit, in everything we do, everything we use and especially the homes we live in.
The importance of Beauty cannot be overestimated. It is far more than a vain interpretation of what is visual. Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder, Beauty is the effect of Spiritual Perfection revealed in flower, landscape, in face, or form, in color, in light, in anything that is alive.

Beauty encompasses many virtues........ the visual pleasantry, with harmony, with clean, with balance, with proportion, with light, with color, with health. All of these virtues together equal and amount to Beauty. Think of the face of the rose, or the face of the laughing child. Perfection.

The presence of Beauty comforts, nurtures, and houses the Soul in magnificence. Think of Beauty's effect upon you and seek it out always, create it, and bask in it. It is perfection, it makes our souls smile. What greater pursuit in life is there to create Beauty for yourself and others.

Beauty can transform our entire attitude of the moment, or inspire us to a fiery passion for an entire life devoted to creating perfection.

In this blog, we are embarking on a new venture, beginning with a home in TN where we will transform what has been mundane to magical.

This is not a venture of what money can do, no. It is a venture of what the creative mind following the guidance of the inspired heart can do, a heart and eye devoted to Beauty. It sometimes will involve money and sometimes not. It is more of following the directive of the Soul and Heart that yearns for the sublime, listening to it directing us in how and where to find the resources to creating Beauty and Harmony in a home. A home that not merely houses bodies, where one eats and sleeps for another day of toil. This is about creating a home that nurtures a Spirit, allowing its expression to guide one away from mediocrity to magnificence, a home that coaxes out the artist and singer and dancer. A Beauty that educates, guides and nurtures. Imagine a hard day of toil, coming home to brilliant Beauty and comfort that invites one to sigh or sing and play.

We will be discussing and writing and possibly filming everything involved in living a life of Beauty, from foods, to making everything we use to cleanse our homes and bodies, to furnishings, plants, greenhouses and gardens that supply our foods and plants for oxygen and beauty for the eyes (soul), to everything else we are inspired to share. Everything matters.

We want to create our heavenly home on Earth.

Welcome, to our journey of creating and discovering, in loving humour.

We hope you, all who live on this beautiful planet may be inspired to also live in Beauty.

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